I am an Android

After following the #NexusOne press release live by Twitter (OMG, the web has changed A LOT with Twitter), I got the first opportunity I could to buy one.

Two years ago I was badly trying to buy my iPhone, but the way Apple decided to market it was too intricated: I had to wait several months until it arrived to my country, change my carrier and phone number, get the contract the carrier wanted to offer, pay an extra fee for the equipment, etc.

Also, I am a developer. Being able to develop for my phone was a important feature for me. I was not going to run to write applications for sale -as many were-; I just wanted to know I could code my phone in case I needed. An here again, we are in 2010… I wouldn’t code in Cocoa and take care to release the memory I’ve used. I am not kidding, it’s not funny.

Apple really convinced me to avoid the #iPhone, one evil decision at a time.

So, I decided to wait for the first good enough iPhone rival I could buy and use in my country, without rush. The first one to fulfill my expectations was the NexusOne and it says @leovernazza in the back.

I will do a few NexusOne reviews soon.

2 thoughts on “I am an Android

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